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Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine by George M Gould and Walter L Pyle

Original Copyright 1896 by W.B. Saunders

    Human horns are anomalous outgrowths from the skin and are far more frequent than ordinarily supposed. Nearly all the older writers cite examples. Aldrovandus, Amatus Lusitanus, Boerhaave, Dupre, Schenck, Riverius, Vallisneri, and many others mention horns on the head. In the ancient times horns were symbolic of wisdom and power. Michael Angelo in his famous sculpture of Moses has given the patriarch a pair of horns. Rhodius observed a Benedictine monk who had a pair of horns and who was addicted to rumination. Fabricius saw a man with horns on his head, whose son ruminated; the son considered that by virtue of his ruminating characteristics his father had transmitted to him the peculiar anomaly of the family. Fabricius Hildanus saw a patient with horns all over the body and another with horns on the forehead. Gastaher speaks of a horn from the left temple; Zacutns Lusitanus saw a horn from the heel ; Wroe, one of considerable length from the scapula; Cosnard, one from the bregma; the Ephemerides, from the foot; Borellus, from the face and foot, and Ash, horns all over the body. Home, Cooper, and Treves have collected examples of horns, and there is one 11 inches long and 29 in circumference in a London museum. Lozes collected reports of 71 cases of horns, 37 in females, 31 in males, and three in infants. Of this number, 15 were on the head, eight on the face, 18 on the lower extremities, eight on the trunk, and three on the glans penis. Wilson B collected reports of 90 cases, 44 females, 39 males, the sex not being mentioned in the remainder. Of these 48 were on the head, four; on the face, four on the nose, 11 on the thigh, three on the leg and foot, six on the back, five on the glans penis, and nine on the trunk. Lebert’s collection numbered 109 cases of cutaneous horns. The greater frequency among females is admitted by all authors. Old age is a predisposing cause. Several patients over seventy have been seen and one of ninety-seven. Instances of cutaneous horns, when seen and reported by the laity, give rise to most amusing exaggerations and descriptions. The following account is given in New South Wales, obviously embellished with apocryphal details by some facetious journalist: The child, five weeks old, was born with hair two inches long all over the body; his features were fiendish and his eyes shone like beads beneath his shaggy brows. He had a tail 18 inches long, horns from the skull, a full set of teeth, and claw-like hands; he snapped like a dog and crawled on ail fours, and refused the natural sustenance of a normal child. The mother almost became an imbecile after the birth of the monster. The country people about Bomballa considered this devil-child a punishment for a rebuff that the mother gave to a Jewish peddler selling Crucifixion-pictures. Vexed by his persistence, she said she would sooner have a devil in her house than his picture.

Lamprey has made a minute examination of the much-spoken-of “Horned Men of Africa.” He found that this anomaly was caused by a congenital malformation and remarkable development of the infraorbital ridge of the maxillary bone (See below).    
          He described .several cases, and through an interpreter found that they were congenital, followed MOREGREAT SITE! I GIVE IT 5 STARS FOR SURE.


    A dwarf with miss-developed limbs from an early 1930-40’s era of the Circus Side Show.
An Example of the ‘Class VIII parasite’ – This man was originally one of a pair of twins, due to complications the eggs in the ovum did not separate properly.
    Here is Ripley (of ‘Ripleys believe it or not’ fame) with the ‘remains’ of a genuine mermaid! Obviously this was uncovered as a hoax but a good one nether the less.


    An example of a human horn.


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Ghosts On The Underground

Ghosts On The Underground
Documentary about unexplained phenomena experienced by staff and passengers on the London Underground network. One billion people a year descend 150 feet below London, to the tunnels and stations of the tube,without a second thought for the thousands of graves, church crypts, and plague pits that the tube has disrupted over its 100 years. Featuring previously unheard accounts from people who work on the network, drivers, station staff and workers. (First broadcast 31st October 2006 in the UK on Channel 5)

Sniffing Out Crime?

Sniffing Out Crime?

Dogs have nothing over Bartholomew County, Indiana Sheriff’s Deputy Jimmy Green. Green was investigating the robbery of a local pizza delivery person when he decided to follow his nose – right to the criminals.

The robbery occurred when a man placed a pizza delivery order and then robbed the delivery person when she arrived at the bogus address given with the order. Police combed the area seeking eye witnesses to the crime. They went door to door asking neighbors if they had seen or heard anything. Nobody had but a keen sense of smell provided a clue.

Deputy Green went up to one neighbor’s house and noticed the scent of pepperoni and sausage pizza. Upon further inspection he saw yellow pages open to the pizza delivery section. Officers followed Green’s nose and found a couple pies as well as the cash stolen in the robbery!

The moral of this true crime saga is, if you want to rob a pizza delivery person, don’t arrange for a delivery in your own neighborhood. But, if you do, at least have the intelligence to go out for Chinese afterwards.

Proof Of Dolphin Amorality

Proof Of Dolphin Amorality

Political Dogs is reporting that dolphins were stranded off Massachusetts while trying to enter the United States apparently to obtain medical services covered under the state’s universal healthcare system. The dolphins, many of them with serious medical conditions, several pregnant, were stranded near Cape Cod in what appears to have been an immigration akin to Cuban boat people. While humans have no evidence of dictators running amok within the dolphin world, it is clear that these dolphins needed significant medical attention and that they chose Massachusetts as their entry point to this country for a reason. Massachusetts only recently enacted universal healthcare. So it stands to reason these dolphins were coming here for that purpose.

Undignified Deaths

Undignified Deaths

A 50-year-old Buddhist monk, who had already lost parts of three fingers in one lawnmower accident, was killed in February when another mower got away from him, and in the ensuing chase and capture of it, he somehow fell and was fatally slashed by the blade (Buckinghamshire, England). [Daily Mail (London), 2-25-08]

And a 36-year-old man attempted to hang himself in a closet in January, but his girlfriend discovered him in time and pulled him down, but that just angered the man, who then fought with the girlfriend. A passer-by stepped in to help the woman, and in the process applied a wrestling hold to the suicidal man’s carotid artery, inadvertently killing him (San Diego, Calif.) (Irrelevant fact: The deceased’s last name was Kevorkian.) [KNSD-TV (San Diego), 2-1-08]

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Can’t Stop Myself

Can’t Stop Myself

In February, a court in Cardiff, Wales, once again released Thelma Dennis, 50, to get therapy for her addiction of making bogus emergency (“999”) telephone calls, even though she has been prosecuted about 60 times in 24 years on similar charges. In an earlier case, Dennis agreed to a therapy that sent painful shocks through her body every time she dialed 999, and she remained free of problems for four years but reoffended recently by making up a bomb threat against a store. [BBC News, 2-8-08]